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How do you know if your company is ready for the channel? Do you have the resources and experts in place to execute an indirect go-to-market strategy? Our Channel Readiness Evaluation will help answer those questions by identifying potential gaps and strengths that will allow you to succeed. Finally, GetChanneled will customize a program that meets your company’s needs.

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Are you ready to support channel partners as an extension of your sales effort? Do you have a team of consultative professionals on staff or simply a collection of individual sales people? An active and engaged channel sales organization is a critical component of a successful indirect program and GetChanneled will give your team the tools and guidance to get the job done.


Do you know how to get the attention of high potential channel partners? Can a company use direct marketing resources and messaging to engage VARs and MSPs? Multi-channel promotions are significantly more challenging than straight product marketing ─ it’s a lot like spinning plates. GetChanneled simplifies that process, enabling channel partners with the tools they need to promote your message.


What messages do channel partners respond best to? Do you know the best methods for reaching an indirect sales audience? The channel is a closely connected community and good news spreads fast, but disconcerting information moves even quicker. GetChanneled will get you started off on the right foot with a positive channel message. Your company may never get a second chance to create a first impression with potential partners.


Are your products or services truly ready for the indirect market? Do you have the right mix of support and integration options available? Chances are, you have some work to do before channel partners will be ready and willing to sign on. Multi-tenancy, integrations and recognition of industry trends all have to be considered – and pausing to figure it out after launch can be costly. GetChanneled will help you get it right the first time.


How do expect to get channel partners to engage? Apathy is the most significant hurdle when building a successful channel program. GetChanneled can help your company overcome that indifference by identifying and recruiting influential channel partners, targeting and attending the right events to share your message and building key alliances to extend your vision. We will walk you through each step of engagement with the right partners, vendors, associations, and press.